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Constance Schéré is a marine conservationist and former environmental sustainability professional from Ploumanac'h, a small coastal village in Brittany, France. She has been studying the marine environment for a decade and is an advocate for stronger environmental protection of our oceans. Constance was educated in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States and currently works as a marine wildlife analyst for APEM, Ltd. In addition to her conservation work, Constance is an educator (primary through postgraduate) in natural and social sciences. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.




4SSG1008 Geography Tutorials: Critical Thinking and Techniques (Convenors: Daniel Schillereff & Christine Barnes)

5SSG2061 Geographical Research Skills (Convenors: Alexander Loftus & George Adamson)

6SSG3083 Policy and Application of Geography Research (Convenors: Kate Schreckenberg & Maud Borie)

5SSG2024 Biogeography and Ecology (Convenor: Terry Dawson)

7SSG5178 Tourism, Conservation and the Environment (Convenor: Terry Dawson)

7SSG5108 Tourism and Development (Convenor: Hanno Brankamp)

4SSG1012 The Changing Natural Environment 1 (Convenor: Bruce Malamud)

4SSG1011 Principles of Geographical Inquiry (Convenor: Phil Hubbard)

4SSG1016 Geography in Action (Convenor: Zahratu Shabrina)

King's College London

PhD Marine Conservation Biology

  • Doctoral Thesis: The role of ecosystem management in how effectively marine protected areas in the Irish Sea reach their biological conservation objectives while maintaining sustainable use.

King's College London

Tufts University

EM 220C Sustainability (Convenor: Rich Goode)

Université de Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne

MSc Biodiversity, Territory, Environment (BIOTERRE) - Distinction

  • Master's ThesisAssessing the effectiveness of marine protected areas in the Irish Sea through public perceptions.

Sciences Po Paris

MSc Environmental Policy - Merit

University of Massachusetts - Lowell

BA History - 1st


  • British Ecological Society

  • Society for Conservation Biology

  • Marine Biological Association

  • Irish Ecological Association

  • Estuarine & Coastal Sciences Association

  • Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (Marine and Coastal SIG Member)

Heriot-Watt University

PgDip Marine Science - Distinction

The Open University

DipHE Biology

  • DissertationThe relationship between increased anthropogenic activity and species assemblages of tide pool organisms on resort beaches in Brittany, France.

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